Why Should You Be Conscious About pH Value Of Your Skin?

A healthy skin is acidic. On pH scale, its value is 5.5. It is good for you skin as it builds natural defense of skin against environmental factors that trigger aging. It develops friendly bacteria and checks growth of bad bacteria. Also, it minimizes loss of moisture.

Is your skin sensitive?

You can check your skin condition like sensitive and dry by paying a close attention to its reaction to cosmetics and other external factors.

• A sensitive skin reacts quickly to soaps, detergents, perfumes and everything that the skin comes into contact with. There would be dryness, rashes, itching, or redness on the skin. And exposure to sun and wind could worsen the condition.

• A dry skin could be sensitive as well and this combination could trigger breakouts or cracks on skin.

• Sensitive skin often develops bumpy rashes or produces dry flakes, if anything like a cream is left on the skin.

• People with sensitive skin often develop breakouts similar to acne with red bumps.

Which cosmetics suit to Indian skin?

cosmetics suit to Indian skin

In India, you face a mix of humidity, dust, dirt and pollution that can clog your skin pores and exposure to UV rays could lead to pigmentation and aging process. Development of redness, blemishes and dryness on skin is an indication of damage to the natural barrier of skin. It is no more within the pH value of 5.5.

How to keep your skin healthy with pH 5.5?

It is better to a Paraben and Phthalate free cleansing bar and moisturizer with a pH of 5.5. You can also use a multiprotectant sunscreen, lip balm and lifting eye cream to enhance skin’s natural protective barrier. Similarly, your shampoo should be gentle with pH 5.5 and free from irritants. Alkaline soap and shampoo can break the fragile pH balance of your skin and hair leading to painful skin conditions and hair problems.

Could diet can help in maintaining pH balance of your skin and hair?

Take green leafy vegetables that are rich in Vitamin K and folate that can reduce acne by improving the healing process. Also, take fresh fruits that can add antioxidants and flush toxins from the body. You can take orange, berries and bananas. Also, you should take carrots, almonds, peanuts and other food rich in vitamins A, C and E that are good for healthy skin. Drinking 2-3 liters water a day is also good for healthy skin.

Disclaimer: You should check pH value of your skin and use cosmetics that are safe for your skin. Also, you should consult a dermatologist before buying any skin care product.

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