15 Amazing Skater Skirt Ideas

You can’t go wrong with skater skirts whatever your body type is. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding a matching top with this skirt. It matches everything and it can help achieve specific objectives like a mini skirt is good for showing off your legs. Or you can choose a white or black skirt with a silk or cotton top to get a traditional look.

Here’re Some Cute Ideas To Wear Skater Skirts

  1. Blue Floral Skater Skirt
Blue Floral Skater Skirt

An electric blue skater skirt would look good with a plain white t-shirt and pump heels. But you can try a different shade than the regular. Just like the model, you can also pair your electric blue skirt with a graphic t-shirt. And there is little need to change the pump heels. Also, you can go with minimum makeup and accessories with this dress.

  1. Burgundy Skater Skirt
Burgundy Skater Skirt

Looking for a dress that matches your burgundy hair! If yes then you can take inspiration from this model. A burgundy skater skirt coupled with a leather jacket, combat boots, and winger liner will perfectly match your burgundy hairstyle. The same skirt will also suit if you want a contrast of your hair color.

  1. Hot Pink Polka Dot Skirt
Hot Pink Polka Dot Skirt

Coupled with a nude top, this pink skirt looks chic and airy. In footwear, you have a choice of elevated flip-flops or ankle strap heels depending on your needs. If it is a casual brunch with friends on a hot summer morning you are headed for then you can go with flip-flops. Also, you can throw a body bag to complete the look.

  1. Navy Blue Skater Skirt
Navy Blue Skater Skirt

Who says that skater skirts are short and they don’t suit plus-size women? Look at the plump model. She is wearing a navy blue skater skirt and it isn’t a short skirt. The skirt is longer than her knees and she looks stunning in this blue attire. For the top, she has chosen red which is a bold color. Also, she has accessorized her dress with flaming hot red pumps and pearls. Her deep red lipstick matches well with her top.

  1. White High-Waisted Skater Skirt
White High-Waisted Skater Skirt

A white skirt gives you the freedom to choose your style. Since white goes well with every color, you don’t have to worry about looking for a matching top. Also, it is easier to accessorize and style a white skirt. For example, you can choose to pair your white skirt with sports shoes or put on a pair of leather footwear depending on the occasion and destination you are headed for.

  1. Leather Skater Skirt
Leather Skater Skirt

Leather is a different kind of material as it is made from the skin of an animal. It is expensive but people prefer it because it has a sex appeal. Also, the luxurious feel leather pants, shirts, shoes, and bags give is hard to get from any other fabric or material. And a leather dress has little need for accessories. Just like the model, you can also sport a leather skater skirt to improve your look.

  1. Velvet Skater Skirt
Velvet Skater Skirt

One can’t have enough velvet but this velvety skater skirt can fulfill your velvet obsession to a large extent. The beauty of this model lies in the velvet skirt she is wearing. You can see she has minimum makeup and minimalist accessories but she still looks stunning. It is a natural look just perfect for casual occasions.

  1. Long Black Skater Skirt
Long Black Skater Skirt

Black is the optimal choice for office wear and a long black skater skirt is the right outfit for Monday office or anytime when you want to look at your best. Pair your black skirt with a checkered silk shirt, flaunt a thick collar necklace, throw black pumps, and carry your laptop in a leather bag. Also, wear minimum makeup.

  1. Mini Skater Skirt
Mini Skater Skirt

A floral mini-skater skirt looks chic and royal. And it provides a wide range of choices in tops. If you are dressing for a party, you can put on a crop top or choose a simple tank or V-neck t-shirt for a casual look. If you have beautiful legs, you can show them with style by wearing a mini skater skirt.

  1. Pink Skater Skirt
Pink Skater Skirt

If you want to get a girly look or a cute and delicate then look no further than a pink skater skirt. If you choose a plain pink skirt, you will look like a teenager. But printed or self-design skirts will improve your mature look. The model in the picture looks like a cupcake in a plain pink skirt. She has black leggings and top and white pumps. But she has thrown on a pink jacket to complete the pink look.

  1. Green Skater Skirt
Green Skater Skirt

A green skater shirt and plaid shirt can give you a stunning look that you can’t get from any other dress. Also, it is an effortless dress you can easily put together in no time. The model has accessorized the dress with gold pumps and jewelry. She is also carrying a clutch to finish her look.

  1. Black Skater Skirt
Black Skater Skirt

Black attracts more eyeballs than any other color and it is what this model in a total black outfit wants to convey. The advantage of black is that it can be paired with checkered, plain, silk, or any top. Or you can choose to go with a monochromatic look.

  1. Grey Skater Skirt
Grey Skater Skirt

Wear a grey skater skirt, if you are looking for a different shade. And if you find it too short, you can wear it with black stockings. Grey color will go well with every fabric including silk, cotton, and linen.

  1. Pleated Skater Skirt
Pleated Skater Skirt

If you are looking for an outfit that carries some extra definition then look no further than this pleated skater shirt. As the model, you can also choose an off-shoulder top or go with a crop top.

  1. Checkered Skater Skirt
Checkered Skater Skirt

Checkered skirts look flattering especially when they are paired with pastel tops. But you can also try regular black and white tops. Keep this dress for the time when you want to get a lighter, healthier, and happier look.

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