Your Nail Paint Last Longer, If You Do The Following Things

Your nail paint could last longer, if you take some precautions with the paint. Painting nails is a great way to enhance look and feel of your fingers but nail paint starts chipping soon after applying. And it happens due to negligence on the part of user.

Follow these tips to make your nail paint durable

Always apply a topcoat….

Applying a topcoat over nail paint has dual benefits. First, it increases the glossy sheen of the paint and second, it seals the paint for a long time. For better results, you should apply the topcoat only when the nail paint is dried. Buy the topcoat that works well for all types of nail paints.

Apply a base coat….

Just like a topcoat, you can apply a base coat to prepare base for the paint to set over your nails. The base coat will prevent chipping in addition to improving the color and shine of the paint. It is good to use both top and base coats together.

Treat your hands with a moisturizing cream….

Use a hand moisturizing cream at least twice a day to pamper your hands and nails. The cream will moisturize your hands including cuticles so that they keep nourished and the nail paint stays for a long time. Most women face problems with nails due to dryness.

Paint nails up to their tips….

Take care while applying paint over your nails. The paint should be applied from the base to tip of nails. In this way, your nails won’t overgrow the paint and give long term results.

Wear rubber gloves….

You should always wear rubber gloves while doing household chores involving water and dishwasher. It is better to prevent your nails getting washed with fruits, vegetables and vessels instead of seeing your nail paint chipping of after doing household chores.

Disclaimer: Be careful with topcoat and basecoat liquids as they could trigger allergic reactions. Similarly, use a good moisturizer for hands.

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