How Malaika Arora Maintains Her Youth At 47?

Malaika Arora is 47-years old but she looks much younger than she actually is. And the secret to her young look is her hydrated and glowing skin. Here’s how she defies age to look young forever.

  1. Skin Detox

Malaika Arora exercises restraint with makeup as she wears makeup only when needed and removes those creams and lotions as soon as the job is over. Her daily routine is to remove makeup before going to bed. Also, she doesn’t forget nourishing her skin with a quality moisturizer. She uses an oil-free moisturize for her oily skin.

  1. Lemon Water

Drinking hot lemon water with honey is the secret of her glowing skin. Lemon water keeps the skin hydrated and glowing all the day. Also, it boosts body metabolism that keeps her body toned and flexible by burning more calories.

  1. Prefer CTM

Malaika Arora adheres to a strict cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) routine to keep her skin health. With cleansing, she keeps her skin free from pollutants. With toning, she removes whatever residue is left after cleansing. And finally, she moisturizes he skin to get the perfect glow.

  1. Use SPF

It is no secret that every woman concerned about her skin will wear a quality sunscreen lotion to avoid the UV rays of sun from harming her skin. Do you know that UV rays could trigger creases and wrinkles on skin? Malaika Arora never goes out without wearing a quality SPF.

  1. Exercise

Malaika Arora is a fitness enthusiast and this is evident from here strict workout regimen. And she never misses her workout even when busy with shooting for ads and movies. And it is due to regular exercising that she’s able to maintain her youth in advance age. Exercising increases blood circulation and body metabolism.

Disclaimer: Malaika Arora has got good results by following the above-mentioned tips but the results could be different for other women.

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