Know Whether You Have A Hormonal Belly

Do you know your hormones could make you put on fat especially around your belly? Hormones are responsible for most body functions like reacting to stress and hunger. And a slight imbalance in hormones could result in accumulation of belly fat or hormonal belly. For example, take underactive thyroid PCOS and menopause that are prime reasons for belly fat in women.

If you want to know whether you’ve belly fat then look for the following signs

  1. Feeling hungry even after eating

It happens due to decrease in estrogen levels. Low level of estrogen in turn impacts leptin production that could increase to the problematic level. And, if your testosterone level increases, it will decrease leptin. Leptin is responsible for regulating body weight. Here, your sex hormones are indirectly affecting leptin responsible for regulating body metabolism.

  1. Feeling stressed

Stress activates adrenal glands to produce cortisol that trigger stress response. But an overstressed body keeps adrenal glands active all the day leading to over production of cortisol leading to hormonal belly. It can also increase heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar.

  1. Fat accumulation only around waistline

Every woman experienced menopause but some women have more problems with menopause. It could bring a sharp decrease in estrogen levels resulting in weight gain especially in the abdomen that in other areas like thighs, hips and buttocks.

  1. Cravings for sweet

People of all age like sweets but craving for more is due to increased resistance to insulin. With insulin resistance, your body won’t be able to extract sugar from the bloodstream leaving you to crave for more carbs. Also, your sensitivity for insulin and leptin will decrease to alarming level where you will keep on consuming more sweets leading to getting hormonal fat. You won’t know when to stop eating sugar.

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