Learn To Create A DIY Perfume This Summer

Summer has arrived and the heat is on and the hot temperature will make you sweat out a lot. And it will increase your dependence on perfumes and deodorants. There are many choices of different notes including citrusy, floral, fruity, ocean, or woody available in the market. Also, you can prepare your formula.

Prepare your perfume

Perfume is all about notes including base, middle, and top notes. And you are free to add any note to get the right odor. Start making your perfume by choosing a note like flowery, fruity, or woody. Choose one that you like most.

Add notes to your perfume

You need essential oils including one that will provide a definite note to your perfume. The second thing is spirit (alcohol) and water. What note your deodorant will get depends on the essential oils chosen and mixed.

First, you need to make a base for which you can choose any oil like sweet almond oil that is considered an ideal base. Second, you need to add essential oils and finally add a few ounces of alcohol to the solution. Shake the ingredients well and store the perfume in a dark glass bottle. You can use it for up to four weeks.

How to choose a note?

Add lime, orange, bergamot, or mandarin to get a fruity flavor. And if you like a woody spin then go for pine, cedar, or sandalwood. For floral notes, you can choose rose, violet, jasmine, neroli, or ylang-ylang for your homemade perfume.

Disclaimer: How your perfume works depends on the composition of the necessary ingredients. Also, you need to be careful with allergic reactions by a homemade product.

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