Exclusive Holi Tips For Skin And Hair Care

Holi is the festival of colors but the colors with synthetic content could harm your hair and skin. So, you need to be careful while reveling in Holi colors with family and friends. If you are already suffering from acne, dandruff, or other skin and hair conditions then you need to more careful about your skin and hair so here are the exclusive Holi tips for skin and hair.

Some of the exclusive Holi tips for skin and hair care are…

Before Holi tips for skin & hair care

Avoid taking any kind of hair or skin treatment at least a week before Holi. For example, you shouldn’t take any skin peeling treatment before the festival.

On Holi

Apply a good amount of oil on your hair and make a bun of the oiled locks. Also, you can wear a dupatta to give extra coverage to your hair.

Exclusive Holi Tips For Skin

To cover skin, you should wear full-body clothes to prevent exposure to the colors as much as possible. Cover your face, neck and upper back with a sunscreen cream. Also, apply an oil-free moisturizing cream before playing with colors.

You can apply oil to other body parts that could be exposed to colors. For better results, you should use thicker oils like almonds and coconut.

After Holi tips

Remove colors from your hair and skin as soon as possible but don’t be harsh with your skin and hair. Colors could be tough on your skin but you can remove them using warm olive oil and lemon juice.

Rinse the excess color from your skin and apply oil or lemon juice on the colors and take a second bath after an hour. People with sensitive skin should use cleansing milk to remove colors. Similarly, remove colors from your body using a gentle body wash and loofah and apply moisturizer after removing the colors.

For hair, rinse the excess color in running water followed by a mild shampoo. After washing, wear a soothing hair mask on towel-dried locks for 10 minutes and rinse it with cold water. Also, rub hair serum on hair shafts.

Disclaimer: Holi colors could be harsh on your skin and care hence you should take the advice of a dermatologist to deal with tough synthetic colors.

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