Braided Hairstyles With Faux Undercut

20 Braided Hairstyles With Faux Undercut

Side shaved hairstyles are in trend but it isn’t necessary to shave your sides when you can make a faux shaved side by backcombing your hair. Look at these side shaved haircuts and learn to make these hairstyles at home.

If you don’t like side-shaved hairdos, you will start loving these haircuts once you go through the following haircuts.

Here’re the 20 best side-shaved haircuts for both long and short hair

  1. Long Mohawk Braid
Long Mohawk Braid

Collect your side tresses and comb them back. It will give your sides a faux-shaved look. Now bring all the locks to the Mohawk section and weave them in a long braid to get the perfect long Mohawk braid look.

  1. Mohawk Side Braid With Side Lines
Mohawk Side Braid With Side Lines

While you need long hair for a long Mohawk braid, women with short hair could go for this side braid hairstyle. It is a minimalist theme of the long Mohawk braid and it looks different when improved with some linear designs on sides. Follow the previous theme to get Mohawk side braid and make it bolder by creating lines on sides.

  1. Blonde Highlighted Braided Undercut
Blonde Highlighted Braided Undercut

You don’t have to color all your locks for this blonde highlighted braided look. Simply color the top of the hair and leave the roots black. Collect all tresses from sides by backcombing and collect them at the Mohawk section. Continue backcombing the locks into a braid to the perfect … Find more

Hairstyles For Your Short Length Hair

10 Hairstyles For Your Short Length Hair

Short hair shouldn’t discourage you from styling your hair as there are many hairstyles that you can choose for your short haircut. Also, you can choose the best style for your colored hair. And if you are considering coloring your hair, you have a wide range of hairstyles to choose from.

Whether you are dressing for an official party or it is a family gathering, you can style your hair to match well with your dress. Also, you can find a haircut that allows you to go out with nude makeup.

Explore the 10 best short hairstyles you can try with your dresses. Also, you can experiment with the hairstyles to make them look modern.

  1. Queen Braid Crown
Queen Braid Crown

Turn your short hair into a Queen Braid Crown by simply braiding your locks from the outer corner of your left eyebrow to around your face and behind the ear. Now you are left with a few loose ends that you can fix with hairpins and you can use glitter effect hairpins to fix the braid. Finally, sprinkle a few drops of a quality volumizing spray to your hair so the braid is flattened down just like the braid of the model in the picture.

  1. Fairytale Braid
Fairytale Braid

If your locks are short and curly, you should try the Fairytale Braid. See how the model has brought her tousled hair to make a hairstyle and pinned the locks … Find more