Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Kate Pearson has become a household name in America because of her unique character. She’s obese and as expected she struggles with issues of self-esteem throughout her life. But Kate Pearson is a real person. Christine Michelle Met who played Kate in the television series This Is Us and Christine Metz has a inspiring weight loss story.

Let’s draw parallels to the lives of Kate Peterson and Christine Metz weight loss story

Meet Chrissy Metz (40), an American actress and singer and winners of Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards of course for her role as Kate Peterson in This Is Us television series.

Chrissy Metz looks cute even at 40 but she never had been so in the early years of her life. She recalls her struggle with obesity in her early years and how being overweight turned into a blessing for her.

Christine Metz Red Carpet

Chrissy Metz was born chubby….

The actress revealed her struggle with obesity in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. She opened her life as a chubby girl. She said she was born chubby and remained a chubbier kid throughout her life. It wasn’t that she missed the action due to being overweight. She was thinner at times and was active in sports as well but she always needed plus-size clothes for her oversized body.

She recalls that she had to be cautious about her food because some types of food items … Find more