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Best Hairstyles From China

10 Best Hairstyles From China

China is known for its technology but little does the world know that it is also ahead in makeup, especially hairstyles. Chinese women love their hairdos so much that they can’t stop trying new hairstyles. We have selected 10 of the most popular Chinese hairdos for you to try in 2022.

  1. Cobra Bun
Cobra Bun

It is a Chinese bun with a cobra like hood. It is simple and exciting and it looks well on most face types and skin tones. Roll your hair into a bun and tie it at the crown so it looks like a snake hood. Like the model you can also trim the front hair to cover your forehead. With this hairdo, you can do simple or light makeup. The model has her cheeks blushed, lips painted red, and eyes improved with kohl. Also, she has minimalist jewelry on ears.

  1. Buddha Bun
Buddha Bun

This hairdo is a fine blend of a princess and ancient warrior look. It is how warriors use to tie their locks while going to wars. But today it can grace your look while you are headed to gatherings. The biggest highlight of this bun is the long flowing strands at the back of the head. But no bangs or even a single hair strand is left at the front. Also, you can go makeup less or with nude makeup with this hairdo. It is perfect for events where you need to play a central role.

  1. Hair Brooch Effect
Hair Brooch Effect

Only Chinese women can create the magic of an imitated hair brooch with the help of … Find more

Best Hairstyles To Match With Your Bridal Makeup

10 Best Hairstyles To Match With Your Bridal Makeup

A beautiful hairstyle is what you need to get a complete look. The hairstyle should match your attire, face shape, and personality. Also, you need to consider the length, volume, and texture of your hair before styling your hair.

Whether you have long hair, mid-length, bob cut, or short-length hair, you can easily find the right hairstyle for your locks.

Here’re 10 hairstyles you must try this wedding season

  1. Loose Messy Waves With Twisted Sides

It is a very casual hairstyle with loose messy waves, but these waves look good. If you have wavy hair, you can try this hairstyle at home. The model has left her hair loose but she also has tied a knot on one side to keep her loose locks together. You can also twist your tresses on one side and lock them at the back. The loose hair strands would give a messy flair to the hairstyle.

  1. Low Side Bun With Side Part And Textured Curls
Low Side Bun With Side Part And Textured Curls

Don’t lose your heart if you have short hair as you can still make a good hairstyle with your short-length locks. If your tresses are curly, you can easily make the low-side bun hairstyle. First, you need to give your curly hair a texture for which you can use a quality hairspray. Second, part the locks in two parts and make a low bun on one side. Also, you can allow a few wavy hair strands to hang over your forehead. Look at the model for inspiration and try to achieve perfection like her.

  1. Relaxed Center-Parted Waves With Spiral
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