Top 10 Beautiful Women Of Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South Africa and Latin America as well. And it is doing well on every front including modeling as evident from the performance of Brazilian beauties in the fashion world of America and international beauty contests. 10 beautiful women of Brazil, those who are young, energetic, and determined to leave their mark in the fashion world.

Here’re the top 10 most beautiful Brazilian women

Emanuela de Paula

Beautiful Emanuela de Paula

Birth: 25 April 1989, Cabo de Santo Agostino, Brazil
Profession: Model

She began her modeling journey at 9 with a supermarket advertisement and reach the culmination of her career in 2009 when Forbes ranked her as the eleventh highest-paid supermodel earning $2.5 million. She’s beautiful and she gives credit to her beauty to her descent which is a racial mix of African, Dutch, and Native Brazilian descent and she is at top in the list 10 beautiful women of Brazil. Born to a White Brazilian mother and an Afro Brazilian father, Emanuela de Paula calls herself “mulata”.

Barbara Fialho

Hot Barbara Fialho

Birth: 21 December 1987, Montes Claros, Brazil
Profession: Model, Singer

Barbara Fialho is born with an attractive physique and blessed with a beautiful voice. She’s a successful model as is evident from her modeling assignments that include signing with IMG Models, walking the ramp for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show from 2012 to 2018, and walking runways for leading brands like Bottega Veneta, Loewe, and Temperley. Also, she ruled the cover pages of leading fashion magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Numero. Like her modeling assignments, her music videos also did well.

Lais Ribeiro Beautiful Women Of Brazil

Lais Ribeiro Beautiful Women Of Brazil

Birth: 5 October 1990, Teresina, Brazil
Profession: Model

Lais Ribeiro is 6’0” in height, 52 kg in weight, and she measures 34-26-35 inches. The above description is sufficient to say that Lais Ribeiro is made for modeling and why she quit her nursing career for modeling. She entered into modeling on a friend’s advice and soon became a supermodel. Her success story starts with performing catwalks for leading brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana after which she received much media attention and praise for her work. Hers was a ubiquitous appearance on cover pages of an international magazine and fashion shows.

Caroline Trentini

Gorgeous Caroline Trentini

Birth: 6 July 1987, Panambi, Brazil
Profession: Modeling

Caroline Trentini is just short of 6-feet in height but blessed with green eyes that can’t unnoticed and this is what happened with her when an agent spotted her walking down a street. But the agent discovered the model in her. And he was right in anticipating the success of Caroline Trentini in modeling. Her face was published in leading international fashion magazines and she was photographed with popular models of her time. In 2008, a casting agent, James Scully, called her a perfect body that can model anything.

Solange Wilvert

Beautiful & Hot Solange Wilvert

Birth: 1 September 1989, Florianopolis, Brazil
Profession: Model

She is six feet tall and has a fresh face with naughty eyes. And her oval face looks beautiful in every hairstyle. Her tall figure with an attractive physique was discovered by experienced eyes while she’s in school. That was a casting session at her public school and she’s only 14 then. But she took only four weeks in getting a big contract in New York City. Later she did catwalk for high designers like Marc Jacobs and Chanel. Also, she was published on the cover of Stiletto, Wonderland, and Vogue that published three times.

Sancler Frantz Konzen

Hot Sancler Frantz Konzen

Birth: 9 April 1991, Arrorio do Tigre, Brazil
Profession: Model, Journalist

She’s just 5’9” tall but won the Miss Brazil World 2013 due to her attractive physique and distinctive features. Also, she became the Top 6 while representing Brazil at Miss World 2013. But it is just a glimpse of all the awards and accolades she won in her successful modeling career. She became Princess Girl in Summer 2009 and went on to collect more awards in the coming years. As a journalist, she hosted Journal of Pampa, Pampa TV news of Rio Grande do Sul, and Pampa Noon.

Fiorella Gelli Mattheis

Stunning Fiorella Gelli Mattheis

Birth: 10 February 1988, Petropolis, Brazil
Profession: Actress, Entrepreneur

Who can forget this beautiful face with golden locks and sparkling eyes. She’s only 5’9” in height and appears a little plump from a round face but he physique is quite attractive. She started her acting career with a soap opera, Malhacao, where she played Vivian. It was a modest beginning to a great acting career that includes working for leading brands and actors. Designer Paulo Gustavo once described Mattheis as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Maria Heloísa Aalling

Hot & Sexy Maria Heloísa Aalling

Birth: 16 February 1991, Brazil
Profession: Modeling

Her 5’9” height, slim figure, light brown hair, green eyes, and fair color made Maria Heloísa Aalling a perfect model for advertising. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that her physique is just perfect for wearing anything. And it is only due to her good looks that she has been able to make a striking career in the modeling world & is in the list of 10 beautiful women of Brazil.

Martha Streck One Of The Most Beautiful Women Of Brazil

Martha Streck Most Beautiful Women Of Brazil

Birth: 11 July 1990, Julio de Castillhos, Brazil
Profession: Model

Her charming face says more about her modeling career than words. She’s a brunette with brown eyes and brownish hair. Her face is oval and for this reason, she looks beautiful in every hairstyle and makeup and is in the list of top 10 beautiful women of Brazil. She can even go without makeup as her facial features require little enhancement. She’s doing well in the fashion and modeling world where she’s getting one assignment after another. Also, she’s worked for leading brands and popular designers.

Beautiful Women Of Brazil-Bruna Boechat

Beautiful Women Of Brazil-Bruna Boechat

Birth: 26 March 1991, Brazil
Profession: Model

She’s an upcoming model that has a bright future as is evident from her features and appearance. She’s 5’9” inches tall but looks taller than she’s due to her lean body. Her face is oval and her eyes have a slightly greenish touch. She’s just begun her modeling career but she’s already become a hot favorite of brands and designers. Also, every international magazine wants to click her photogenic face for its cover page. She’s considered a fresh entry into the modeling world.

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