Top 10 Beautiful Women Of Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South Africa and Latin America as well. And it is doing well on every front including modeling as evident from the performance of Brazilian beauties in the fashion world of America and international beauty contests. 10 beautiful women of Brazil, those who are young, energetic, and determined to leave their mark in the fashion world.

Here’re the top 10 most beautiful Brazilian women

Emanuela de Paula

Beautiful Emanuela de Paula

Birth: 25 April 1989, Cabo de Santo Agostino, Brazil
Profession: Model

She began her modeling journey at 9 with a supermarket advertisement and reach the culmination of her career in 2009 when Forbes ranked her as the eleventh highest-paid supermodel earning $2.5 million. She’s beautiful and she gives credit to her beauty to her descent which is a racial mix of African, Dutch, and Native Brazilian descent and she is at top in the list 10 beautiful women of Brazil. Born to a White Brazilian mother and an Afro Brazilian father, Emanuela de Paula calls herself “mulata”.… Find more