10 Celebrity Hairstyles For A Beautiful Diamond Face

A diamond face is characterized by wide cheekbones and a narrow jaw. It looks similar to a heart-shaped platform hence the hairstyles that go well with a heart-shaped face will also match with the diamond face shape. And there are plenty of hairstyles that match well with a diamond face.

While common women with diamond faces can choose any hairstyle, diamond face celebrities are more fashionable and look conscious while selecting a hairstyle. They consider everything from volume to properties of hair before choosing a hairstyle.

Check the hairstyles celebrities wear to highlight their diamond face shape

  1. Viola Davis
Viola Davis

The African-American actress Viola Davis is the winner of many awards including an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Tony Awards. Also, she’s the first and the youngest of all African-Americans to receive the Triple Crown of Acting award. Her complexion is dark but her face shape is diamond that makes her facial features more attractive. Also, she very well knows how to improve her look with a matching hairstyle. She keeps her hair to a medium or short length that matches perfectly with her diamond-shaped face.

  1. Yvette Nicole Brown
Yvette Nicole Brown

She’s a chubby face but it is diamond-shaped and this is the only advantage she’s in look. And she knows how to frame her shape and highlight her attractive facial features by wearing matching hairstyles. She keeps her hair length up to her shoulders. Shoulder-length hair provides volume to the face shape and makes it appear full.… Continue reading...