15 Rare And Most Beautiful Anthurium Flowers To Grow At Home

Buy an anthurium flower for home decoration, if you want to decorate your home with flowers. Anthurium is a rare plants that is actually a leaf but it looks like a flower. It can grow up to 8 inches and it is available in rich colors.

Here’re 15 rare varieties of anthurium flowers & plants

Orange Anthurium

Orange Anthurium Plant

Orange is a rare color in flowers but you can grow an orange anthurium in your home. The flower has a deep yellow stem and a long leaf of orange shade that will add more colors to your home décor. And growing an anthurium plant isn’t a hassle as it needs little care and effort to flourish.

Obake Red Anthurium

Obake Red Anthurium

This heart-shaped flower looks gorgeous in obake red color. Actually, it is a leaf and not a flower but it has been accepted as a flower. Anthurium is an indoor plant that can be grown even in a small pot. And it requires little care to flourish. It needs proper lighting but direct light can harm it. Similarly, low light can slow down growth.

Rare Pink Anthurium Plants

Pink Anthurium Flower

Hear shaped anthurium looks simply beautiful in pink color and the exciting thing is that you can grow a pink anthurium in your home. Simply put an anthurium plant in the shade where it gets indirect sunlight and water the plant thoroughly but prevent overwatering as it will make holes in the soil and drain the nutrients.

Black Anthurium

Black Anthurium Flower

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