10 Push-Ups Women Should Practice

Women looking for a complete exercise that works for all the body should look no further than push-ups. And there are plenty of push-up styles they can choose from.

Here’re the 10 best push-ups that women can practice at home and get benefits

  1. Knee Push-Ups


Knee Push-Ups

• Come down on all your fours on an anti-slip mat. Keep your knees together but hands up to shoulder length apart

• Look down without tucking your head. Your hips, spine, and head should be in a straight line. Cross your legs to start

• Tuck in your stomach to engage your core and bring your chest towards the floor but stop before touching the mat

• Pause for a moment and push your body again for the nest rep. Do 3 sets of 8 reps each

  1. Wall Push-Ups


Wall Push-Ups

• Stand against a wall at an arm’s distance and keep your legs hip-width apart and straight

• Flex your palms in the wall and bring your hands slightly broader than shoulder-width to start

• Straight your neck and engage your core and start pushing your chest towards the wall without bending … Find more