How To Make A Good First Impression On Girls?

Do you know that most boys make a bad first impression on girls? And the reason is they simply don’t know how to start a conversation with girls for the first time. But you can have a good first impression on girls if you how to.

Talking with a girl for the first time

  1. Ask About Her Activities
Ask About Her Activities

It is good to start a conversation by asking about her activities, likes, and dislikes. And don’t forget to appreciate the good acts she does every day. She should feel like you’re interested in knowing about her life, family, and friends.

  1. Ask About Her Hobbies
Ask About Her Hobbies

Since you’ve already started the discussion with her life, you should focus the conversation on her hobbies about which she is more interested in discussing. Here you need to be more attentive to what she’s saying.

  1. Ask About Her Experiences
Ask About Her Experiences

Once you know about her daily activities, you can ask her about her experience of learning new things, working with an organization, family time, friendly relations, social media, and everything she does.

Things Girls Are Interested In Discussing

Things Girls Are Interested In Discussing
  1. Traveling

Traveling is recreation. It is entertainment, but you should center your discussion around the destinations that the girl likes most. She could be interested in historical, religious, nature, water activities, or theme parks.

  1. Reading, Movies, Music

If she is an avid reader, you could ask about the books she’s read. If she likes movies, you can discuss popular movies and stars. If she likes music, you can ask about her favorite singers.

  1. Dreams And Goals

Everyone has a dream and everyone likes talking about his/her dreams. You can also ask the girl about her dreams and how she’s going to fulfill those dreams. Remember that she’ll expect appreciation for her efforts in achieving her dreams.

Just starting a discussion doesn’t mean you are in the good books of a girl. You should know how to contact her and how to remain in touch without breaching her privacy.

Texting is the right way to stay connected to a girl but you need to make rules for texting so as not to disturb her peace and privacy. She should expect your text and not get intimidated by your texts.

  1. Stay Connected
Stay Connected

There is little need to make voice calls that could be disturbing especially when she’s too busy to receive a call. Since she’s given you her number, she wants you to stay in touch but, in a decent manner. And texting is the right way to start communication. It shows that you care for her, but it shouldn’t be over-caring.

  1. Avoid Too Many Texts
Avoid Too Many Texts

One message in a day is sufficient in the starting but you shouldn’t accelerate the speed of your messages without knowing her interest. For example, you should text her after a date, but not immediately. She would expect your text after the date, but an immediate text would show your desperation. You should allow her some time to settle down after the date before texting.

  1. Notice Her Response

If she’s replying to your texts every day, you can continue texting her once a day. But if you see a delayed response, you should lengthen the time of texting. Simply put, the speed of your texts should depend on her response.

Her response to your texts would depend on your first impression. If you haven’t made a mistake, you will certainly get a positive response from her. Avoid following mistakes while meeting a girl for the first time.

  1. Unnecessary Flaunting
Unnecessary Flaunting

Flaunting about anything like your wealth, knowledge, family history, talent, social acceptance, or sense of humor is a strict no-no while you are interacting with a girl for the first time. It will spoil your impression and the girl would say goodbye to you forever.

  1. Making Her Feel Jealous

While it is true that girls feel jealous easily, making a girl feel jealous to have a good impression over her is a poor way of interacting with a girl. If she wants to become your friend, it should be out of her sweet will and not jealousy. Doing so would spoil your impression and chances of befriending her in the future.

  1. Insisting Her To Do Things Against Her Wishes
Insisting Her To Do Things Against Her Wishes

It is your first meeting and you want her to go on a swing or roller-coaster ride with you. But she denies it. You should accept her denial and ask her what she wants you to do. Here insisting her to go on a ride when she doesn’t want would be bad manners.

It is better to avoid mistakes instead of regretting them later. Finally, there are some tips for you to follow so you can make a good first impression on a girl.

  1. Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself

Always start a discussion with your introduction. Before asking her about her life, family, and friends, you should disclose your identity to her.

  1. Give Compliments

When she starts sharing her life experiences and the things she does and likes most, you should give her compliments for all the good things she does.

  1. Take Her Suggestions
Take Her Suggestions

Sometimes asking for a suggestion like what to order, where to go, and what to discuss is a great idea to break the ice and start a meaningful conversation. Also, asking for a suggestion will fuel her interest.

  1. Discuss Trends

You can talk about the weather if it is in the news or any other thing that others are discussing. For example, you can start the discussion with an upcoming event that is making big news.

  1. Say Something That Makes Her Smile
Say Something That Makes Her Smile

Avoid discussing serious matters that can make things negative. Remain hopeful and show her hope. For example, you can say that everything will be fine at the end of a topic that seems to be ending on a sad note.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to meet a girl for the first time, you should focus on her life, activities, likes, and dislikes. Allow her ample time to speak about herself and you show a keen interest in listening to her life experiences to make a good first experience on her.

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