A Beginner’s Guide To 30-Day Diet Plan By Jillian Michaels[:ar]A Beginner’s Guide To 30-Day Diet Plan By Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels who’s also called “America’s Toughest Trainer” has come up with a quick 30-Day Shred Diet fitness plan and she claims that one can shred up to 20 pounds within a month.

What is the 30-Day Shred Diet plan?

This fitness program comes packed in an exercise DVD that provides comprehensive information, education, and guidance on the program. Michaels has divided the program into different levels and each level has to be completed within 10 days. The workouts are based on her strength/cardio/Abs 3-2-1 training circuit with each circuit time is 20 minutes.

The information on circuit training is stored in the DVD that also contains a cool-down and warm-up session for each of the levels. It is a 3 DVD Set that will guide you on how to lose weight in 30 days.

Advantages of the 30-Day Diet plan

• The short duration of the plan makes it suitable for everyone including those leading a busy work and life schedule. Michaels is also flexible about timing. She allows doing exercises any time of the day.

• It is beneficial for those that don’t have access to … Find more