Why Bubbles Appear In Nail Polish?

If your nail polish has bubbles, you will have to remove the nail paint and start fresh. But unfortunately, the bubbles will come back again and again, if you don’t know how to apply nail polish in the right manner.

Reasons For Bubbles In Nail Polish

The air that gets trapped while you apply coats of nail polish on your nails forms bubbles in the drying process. Following are the reasons for the bubbling of nail polish.

• Using a thick nail paint
• Applying coats quickly
• Not using a base coat
• Using an expired nail polish

But you can prevent the appearance of bubbles if you apply the nail paint in the right manner. And you will be surprised to know that you don’t need additional accessories or training for applying nail polish.

Let’s start with a clean slate

  1. Clean Your Nails
Clean Your Nails

Polish won’t set on your nails if they are greasy or dirty. First, wash your hands with a quality handwash to clean your nails and let them dry completely so you can do further cleaning. Take a cotton ball, soak it in acetone and wipe the dried nails to remove any leftover oil, grease, or dirt from the nails. Also, clean the nails from the root to the top. Now your nails are cleaned and ready to accept polish or paint.

  1. Apply A Base Coat
Apply A Base Coat

Just like you apply a primer before makeup, your nails … Find more