10 Times Britney Spears Caught Makeup-Less

Britney Jean Spears is rightly called Princess of Pop as it is only Britney Spears that can rock the world especially the millennials. She’s made a special place in the entertainment industry with the hard work that she has been doing since an early age.

Born on 2 December 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, US, Britney Spears attained popularity at teenage and she continued to be the biggest pop star till today. People want to know more about her especially her makeup-less look.

Have you ever spotted Britney Spears makeup-less?

It is difficult to believe that a star could go makeup-less in public but there are moments when stars are also caught without makeup or in natural beauty.

  1. Naturally Beautiful

The natural beauty of Britney Spears has little requirement for makeup and this is evident from a quick comparison between her makeup-less and with-makeup pictures. Her makeup-less face requires little polishing to shine but makeup has its impact on her beauty. It highlights the hidden beauty of Britney Spears. It is the innocence of her face that helped her revive teen pop and become the “Princess of Pop”.

  1. Makeup-less in
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