Doing Makeup Like Angelina Jolie

If you want to get a perfect Angelina Jolie to look then you should start with your eyes. Angelina Jolie has arched eyebrows, bigger lash lines, and fuller lashes. Her eye makeup is a secret that you can learn in this blog.

Let’s unfold the makeup & eyebrows secrete of Angelina Jolie

Start with the base….

Angelina Jolie Eyebrows

Keep it simple like Angelina Jolie eyebrows. She likes a normal base with moisturizer, concealer & foundation. And you don’t need to become creative with the base.

Follow the arched eyebrows of Angelina Jolie….

Angelina Arched Eyes

First, clean up the eyebrows to make way for an arch, and second, brush the cleaned eyebrows to get the desired shape. For perfection, you can use hairspray on the brush before applying it to the eyebrows. Finally, outline using a brow pencil to enhance the color.

A quick look at Angelina Jolie eyebrows is sufficient to tell that it isn’t regular makeup but a revolutionary one, but it is difficult to guess the secret of her naughty eyes.

According to experts, Angelina Jolie uses a makeup technique called tight lining of eyes or invisible liner. It makes eyes look fuller and lashes darker.

Let’s reveal the secret of Angelina Jolie eyebrows….

Secrets Of Angelina Jolie Eyebrows

Things you need include a black gel liner or a cake liner according to your convenience. Also, get a push brush, pencil liner, and liquid liner.

You will start with the upper lid

Pull up your upper lid to expose the gap between the … Find more