Turn Your Home Into A Yoga Studio With Following Tips And Tricks

Yoga is the best exercise because it requires little space, training, and accessories. You can join a gym for yoga training and practice the exercises at home. Or you can simply learn yoga online from YouTube videos and do exercises at home.

How to turn your home into a health studio?

For yoga, you need peace of mind and it is something you can hardly get at home. But the good thing is that there are many ways to turn a nook or corner of your home into a yoga center. You need a yoga mat and some props that can be made from your home furnishings. And once the settings are made, you can start doing yoga at home.

Find space for yoga….

Yoga requires little space that is about the size of your mat. You remain confined to your yoga mat through the exercises. Take your mat to every nook and corner of your home to check where it fits decently.

But setting your yoga mat in a nook or corner of your home is the half-job done as you need to make a commitment to yourself. Forget everything that lies outside your yoga mat at least for the duration of the yoga exercises.

Doing yoga with earbuds….

Things that distract your mind enter your brain from your ears. As soon as you hear a sound like a phone ringing, dog barking, or a family member yelling, you get distracted. But the same sound could be used to focus your energy on yoga.

Take advantage of the power of music to drown yourself in exercises. There are many apps like Apple Music and Spotify that will help achieve mental peace needed for focusing on exercises.

Set your mood right….

Earbuds will close your ears for distracting sound but distraction could enter your mind through other sense organs like eyes and nose. For example, bright light could be a distraction and so is a foul smell.

You can turn off bright lights to enhance your focus or simply close your eyes to cut off your connection to the physical world. For smell, you can light a scented candle or dab some essential oils onto your skin, if there’s a little crowd at your home.

Create your own props….

It is difficult to do yoga exercises without props but there’s little need to buy expensive accessories when you can home furnishings as props. For example, a couch cushion can be used as a bolster and a scarf for a strap.

Similarly, canned products like food items can be employed as blocks for doing balancing acts and as additional weight. And these are household items easily available in every home.

For example, a yoga teacher suggests using toilet paper rolls for supine poses. Similarly, you can check more ways to convert your household items as props for doing yoga exercises.

Create a rope wall….

It seems difficult but you can re-create the lower ropes with a long strap or you can even use a dog leash for this job. But you will need to learn the right way of making a lower rope wall. You can check YouTube videos on how to create a rope wall and try doing the same.

One thing you should take care of is that you should try a rope wall only when you are confident of doing things in the right manner. It is better to remain safe while doing exercising.

For a professional feeling, you can join an online yoga class

Yoga Works At Home: It is an online platform with top-notch instructors and 30+ live classes streaming daily. Also, it has an extensive library of 1,300+ classes.

Gio: One of the highest-rated yoga apps, Gio boasts of a library of 4,000 beautifully shot classes. Also, it is available in streaming services as well as an app.

Yoga with Adriene: Adriene Mishler made her debut on YouTube in 2012 and she soon became a trailblazer. Today she commands nearly 10 million subscribers.

Yoga on Gaia: Gia’s streaming platform is also a good choice for learning yoga. She offers an extensive library of classes and customization of training and learning.

Yoga International: It is only for devoted yoga students as it offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and streaming and pre-recorded classes.

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