12 Yoga Asanas To Bring Your Hips And Thighs In Good Shape

If you are dreaming of improved buttocks and fuller thighs then yoga can help. Stretching exercises can strengthen your hips and thigh muscles. Also, they will make your body more flexible. The advantage of yogic exercises is that they require no weight training or additional accessories. Also, the results achieved through yoga asanas are always exciting and long-lasting to reduce fat from thighs.

There are 12 yogic exercises that you can practice at home and get stunning results. Also, you need little training for doing the exercises.

Here’re the yoga asanas for improving your buttocks and thighs


Utkatasana For Thighs & Hips

It stimulates and strengthens muscles in the legs, hips, and thighs. The pressure exerted on the muscles tones the hips and thighs.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and hands by your side
• Bend your knees to come in a half-sitting position to start
• Stretch your arms over your head
• Hold the position for as long as you can

Virabhadrasana II

Virabhadrasana II

The biggest advantage of this exercise is it works both legs at the same time. Also, it strengthens the muscles that are often left by other exercises.

How To:

• Stand straight with your feet wider than your shoulder-length
• Open your arms and turn to your right without bending your knees
• Bend your right knee and stretch your left leg
• Stretch your left leg as much as you can and put pressure on the right knee
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