How To Look Like Blake Lively?

Blake Lively, 34, looks beautiful in every makeup and she’s developed different styles. Women of her age and even those younger and older than Blake, follow her makeup style.

The Gossip Girl is a Hollywood diva, a seasoned actress with numerous accolades, and a caring mom to three cute kids. Also, she’s an inspiration to many who want to dress and look like her.

Here we are detailing four popular makeup styles of Blake Lively for you to follow

  1. The Casual Look
The Casual Look

Blake Lively is caught in a casual look at the premiere of Grace of Monaco in Cannes. Her gorgeous burgundy gown coupled with sultry, smokey eyes, pink lips, and a high ponytail makes her look stunning even in this casual style.


• Start with cleansing your face with an extremely gentle and light oil cleanser
• Once the cleansing is done, use an oil-free primer to even out your skin tone, hide blemishes, and get long-lasting results
• Now is the time to contour your face using a quality bronzer
• Apply the bronzer from the hollows of your cheeks towards your temples
• A touch of soft rosy pink blusher is needed to maintain that healthy glow, but use only a quality product
• Finally, you have that beautiful silky blush of Blake Lively


• You need a lighter berry tone eyeshadow to get the … Find more