9 Best Lip Brushes For Fuller Looking Lips

If coloring your lips is your favorite makeup then you should buy a best retractable lip brush that can help spread the color evenly on your lips. Also, it should help in outlining the rim of your lips.

How to use a lip brush?

Best Retractable Lip Brush

It is easy. First, check whether the lip brush is clean with no residue from the previous application. Use a lip liner for perfection and take a small amount of the lipstick you want to wear on the brush for application. Start applying the color from the center of your upper lip and glide the brush to either end. Color the lower lip in a similar manner.

How to maintain your lip brush?

Best Lip Brush

Wash your lip brush with warm water and soap after each application and reshape the bristles before they are allowed to air dry completely. Also, keep the brush in your makeup box or bag.

Look at the lip brushes you can buy for wearing lipstick/lip gloss


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