10 Benefits Of 6 Swimming Exercises

Swimming is a complete exercise as it works for both body and mind. Also, it is good for people of all ages. It can even help children with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a disability that affects about 4 kids in 1000 newborns. Children with CP have difficulty moving their limbs. Swimming can help them improve their motor functions in the long run.

Here’re 10 health benefits of swimming

benefits of swimming
  1. It helps in weight loss as you can burn more calories with swimming exercises. Also, it will make burning calories a breeze for you.
  2. It builds bone strength and provides long-term relief from common joint problems like arthritis. It is more helpful for aging people that are susceptible to bone loss.
  3. It is a blessing for people living sedentary life as they are in the high-risk zone of getting heart attacks. But they can improve their cardiovascular health with swimming.
  4. It improves flexibility in bones and joints. You will feel more energetic after every swimming session.
  5. It improves body coordination as it involves the movement of hands, legs, chest, and back muscles to propel the body forward.
  6. It increases neurogenesis that reduces the risk of brain cell death that could lead to temporal lobe epilepsy. A study on laboratory rats proved that swimming works on the brain.
  7. It improves asthmatic conditions. Swimming can reduce the occurrence and severity of asthmatic attacks among asthmatic people. Also, it can prevent the development of
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