9 Smart Ways To Change Appearance Of Your Legs

Long and slender legs are an asset and there are many ways to make your legs look appear taller. While exercising and nutrition will take some time to improve the appearance of your legs, you can try some visual tricks that will make your legs appear more beautiful than they are.

  1. Nude Pumps
Nude Pumps

Wearing heels is a great way to add a few more inches to your height. And if you wear a nude hue that is closest to your skin color, you can make your legs appear a little taller. A nude color closest to your skin color will blend well with your skin and make it difficult for others to differentiate where footwear begins. The visual trick is to add the length of the heel to the height of your legs. And this trick works well as viewers won’t be able to between the color of your skin and the color of your heels.

  1. Pointed Heels
Pointed Heels

Pointy heels are high heels with extra length. And they work in a different ways. First, you can choose pointy-toe pumps of any design and color because they work differently. High heels elongate feet. Your feet will appear bigger and they will make your legs appear taller. Additionally, you can add toe cleavage to your high heels. The toe cleavage will also add a few extra centimeters to your height. But you should avoid shoes with straps running across your ankles as they can spoil the visual illusion created by high … Find more