9 Smart Ways To Change Appearance Of Your Legs

Long and slender legs are an asset and there are many ways to make your legs look appear taller. While exercising and nutrition will take some time to improve the appearance of your legs, you can try some visual tricks that will make your legs appear more beautiful than they are.

  1. Nude Pumps
Nude Pumps

Wearing heels is a great way to add a few more inches to your height. And if you wear a nude hue that is closest to your skin color, you can make your legs appear a little taller. A nude color closest to your skin color will blend well with your skin and make it difficult for others to differentiate where footwear begins. The visual trick is to add the length of the heel to the height of your legs. And this trick works well as viewers won’t be able to between the color of your skin and the color of your heels.

  1. Pointed Heels
Pointed Heels

Pointy heels are high heels with extra length. And they work in a different ways. First, you can choose pointy-toe pumps of any design and color because they work differently. High heels elongate feet. Your feet will appear bigger and they will make your legs appear taller. Additionally, you can add toe cleavage to your high heels. The toe cleavage will also add a few extra centimeters to your height. But you should avoid shoes with straps running across your ankles as they can spoil the visual illusion created by high heels and toe cleavage.

  1. High Waist
High Waist

Wearing high waist garments is an ideal and carefree way of adding height to your legs. Whether you wear pants, a skirt, or a pair of shorts, you should invest in high-waist dresses so your legs appear taller. The illusion created by a higher waistline will by default add length to your waist. If you want, you can pair your high waist dress with nude pumps to add a few more inches to your legs.

  1. Bronzer

Consider using bronzer to create an optical illusion that makes your legs appear longer and slender. Rubbing some bronzer on your shin could do magic for your visual appearance. It will create an elongated mirage so your legs appear taller. Apply bronzer generously all over your shins for a perfect job. The advantage of using a bronzer is that you won’t have to put on specific footwear or dress to look taller. If you use bronzer, you can apply it on your shins or you can buy bronzer from the market.

  1. Monochrome

Wearing a monochrome look will make you look taller than you are. It is also an optical illusion created by a single color. The color draws the eye from top to bottom and the person appears taller and thinner. If you wear a one-piece dress in a single color, you will gain height and look slimmer. If you are wearing separate dresses, you should choose two colors from the same family. If your objective is to gain height then you should choose a dress of a darker color because dark colors create a better visual appearance.

  1. Wide-Legged Pants
Wide-Legged Pants

Skinny jeans could be your favorite but they won’t help in transforming your opinion from shorter to taller. If you want to look taller then you should try wedges and wide-legged pants. These pants will improve your visual appearance. You will look taller than you are in wide-legged pants. Also, you can look sexier by clubbing your wide-legged pants with a low-waist shirt or a crop top. Also, wide-legged pants will suit all your fashion needs.

  1. Asymmetrical Hem Lines
Asymmetrical Hem Lines

It hardly matters whether you like this dress if you are looking for a dress that can create an optical illusion where you appear taller than you are then you should buy this dress. Asymmetrical hem lines make it difficult for viewers to figure out where the dress ends and where the legs begin. Also, you will look sexier in this dress. Try it for once to feel the difference in your visual appearance. Also, you can ask your family and friends for feedback on how you look in this dress.

  1. Avoid Horizontal Lines
Avoid Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines will make you look wider than you are. These lines run from right to left hence they will show the width of your chest, waist, hips, and thighs. You will appear thicker, heavier, and plump in a dress with horizontal lines. If you want to look taller and slimmer, then you should avoid wearing dresses that make a horizontal pattern. The horizontal lines will cut your body and make your legs appear shorter and heavier. You will appear chubby even when you have the right height and weight.

  1. Choose Vertical Lines
Choose Vertical Lines

Vertical lines can create the biggest optical illusion if you want to look taller. It is the opposite of horizontal lines. Just like horizontal lines can make you look chubby, vertical lines can make you appear taller and thinner. And you can choose any print like pleats and pinstripes according to your needs. But don’t overdo the strips because it can spoil your look. If you are already taller then there is little need to wear vertical stripes. Or you can go for a knee-length dress that makes you look chic. If you are shorter and want to gain height then you can go for a full-size dress with vertical stripes.

Final Thoughts

Now it is clear that straight lines, minimal patterns, and plain tones create the biggest optical illusion for shorter persons. Vertical strips allow the eyes to move from up and down and single colors draw the attention toward the dress instead of the height of the person. Additionally, you have the option of wearing nude pumps and pointers that can add a few extra inches to your height. But you shouldn’t lose heart or confidence over your shorter height. Be confident in whatever you wear and be happy always.

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