What Is The Truth Behind Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products?

Flooding of anti-pollution skin care products demands fact checking on how pollution effects skin health and whether products under anti-pollution skin care brand worth the money they demand.

How pollution effects skin?

Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board-certified dermatologist based in Austin, Texas, said that pollutants pass through skin cells membranes and diffuse into the body. He compares uptake of pollutants by skin to inhaling the polluted matter by body.

Different studies done on effect of pollution on skin prove that overexposure to pollution results in depletion of antioxidants and growth of free radicals. It further causes inflammation and skin impairment like premature skin aging, hives, acne and eczema.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), following are the main outdoor pollutants

• nitrogen dioxide
• sulphur dioxide
• carbon monoxide
• particulate matter (PM)
• heavy metals

Also, EPA sees car emissions as a major cause of pollutants adding nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide to the already polluted environment.

How do anti-pollution cosmetics protect skin?

According to experts, it is a topic of research as whatever information is shared about value of anti-pollution skin care products is given … Find more