6 Relationship Stages You Should Know About

Starting a relationship is easy but sustaining it is challenging. There are ups and downs in every relationship, but some relationships fall under pressure or head in different directions. Largely a relationship passes through six stages before it becomes mature.

The first stage is called euphoric or honeymoon because it is a fresh start where you have positive thoughts, and dream of a bright future ahead. It is the stage where you feel happy in the company of your partner. But little do you know that soon you will have to face challenges and if you are unable to sustain those challenges, your relationship would end abruptly.

  1. Euphoric Stage
Euphoric Stage

According to science, it is a make-believe stage where you believe only in the facts presented before you. It is an overdose of love that prevents your brain from taking note of red flags and incompatibilities that could create challenging situations in the long run. The cocktail of happy hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins would take you in a state of infatuation.

What To Do?

First, you should enjoy the stage you are in. Go on dates and exchange gifts. But don’t ignore the red flags like possessive behavior and stubborn nature. Also, take some time to think about whether the person could become a reliable partner in life.

  1. The Early Attachment
The Early Attachment

This stage comes when the ventral pallidum of the human brain becomes active because of high love doses. The ventral pallidum is the part that handles feelings and attachments. This stage shows that you have graduated from the honeymoon stage and that you are ready to move on with your relationship. But here you become some realistic about your partner.

What To Do?

You realize that you and your partner are two different individuals with different needs. Also, it can be said that you start realizing that challenges would come and that you should be ready to face challenges to grow your relationship. The good thing is that you have already covered some distance together without facing any challenge.

  1. Crisis

The honeymoon period is over, and your relationship enters a deeper stage where you try to accommodate your partner in your life. It is the doubt and denial stage. For example, you are asked to spend more time, but you deny them due to your busy work schedule. Now you can see the gray side of your partner.

What To Do?

Here you need to behave like a conflict manager. You need to know how to de-escalate the tension and bring normalcy to the relationship. The first thing is to respect the emotions of your partner and look at their positive side. Challenges would come and if you aren’t ready to face challenges, your relationship is bound to suffer.

  1. Disillusionment

It is a stage where you start feeling suffocation in the relationship and want to come out of it. Here you can put a full stop to the relationship and move on. But it isn’t the right solution. Power struggle becomes open and continues without any decision. It is a critical stage that you need to handle with care.

What To Do?

This stage comes when you avoid problems and push them under the rug. And you keep pushing the problems away from your eyes because you want to see only good things. Here you need to be kind towards your partner and help them overcome their anger. It is only with open communication that you can come out of this stage and save your relationship from a crisis.

  1. Decision

A stage comes when you want to decide the future of your relationship. Here your partner could experience an emotional breakdown like spending time alone, avoiding food and drinks, and cutting communication with friends. Here you can consider ending the relationship and look for another partner. But it isn’t the right way of dealing with a relationship.

What To Do?

Open all communication lines to clear the air. Bring all issues to the forefront and have an open discussion on the issues. It is necessary that your partner feels that you are serious about resolving those issues. And your efforts should be serious. You should try to save the relationship instead of taking a tough decision.

  1. Wholehearted Love
Wholehearted Love

You have resolved all challenges and now you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Also, you know that challenges would come but now you are ready to face the problems. You aren’t a crisis manager, but you have developed the skills needed to solve the issues. Simply put, you have accepted your partner as they are, and you are happy with their attitude.

What To Do?

Enjoy the relationship as it is fulfilling. The challenges would come, but you are ready to face them, and you know how to manage crisis situations. You will feel happy and satisfied with the relationship. And you will want to continue the relationship with your partner. With the happy feeling, you can even take your relationship to the next level where you get wholehearted love.

Starting a relationship is exciting, but you should know how to maintain a good relationship. Your relationship will go through multiple ups and downs, but you should keep your relationship steady and moving. A relationship survives only when it keeps moving even in difficult times. But you should be committed to your partner.

Tips For Maintaining A Relationship

• Communication is the key to success in a relationship. You shouldn’t stop communicating with your partner at any time.

• Avoid ignoring red flags and shoving problems under the rug as the problems would keep accumulating and a time would come when you have to deal with all the problems.

• Talk to a trustworthy friend if your relationship is in a problem. A mediator could help in solving problems.

• Stay positive and always look at the brighter side. Problems would come, but every problem has a solution and you can find it with your determination.

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