Cobra bun is a Chinese bun with a cobra like hood, it's a basic and invigorating and it looks well on most face types and complexions. With this haircut, you can do basic or light cosmetics

Buddha bun hair styling is a fine mix of a princess & ancient warrior look. This bun is the long streaming strands at the rear of the head. Also you can go makeup less with this hair styling

Hammer bun is an old Chinese hairstyle really great for ladies with little heads & it's advantage is that it causes a head to seem greater. Also, this could undoubtedly require two hours in finishing

Flat Sagging bun is a retro hair styling however very famous even today. But it requires numerous endeavors & hair items. Also, a ton of wax & gel are applied to give a sparkly completion to the hair

The bubbled piped pony was inspired by the schoolgirl pony hairdo. Later hairdressers started making side pony for models and celebrities. This hairdo consume much of your dressing time

Some women prefer keeping their locks short for convenience of maintenance, you can try the short hair curl hairdo for your next party, this will make them look prettier & attractive