Pink and blue colors make a heavenly blend, it is viewed as more reasonable for ladies with light complexion tones. Additionally, you can take a stab at matching blue eye cosmetics and pink lip tone

Give a galaxy bend by adding a smidgen of blue tone to purple shade of your hair tone. Whether you like dazzling purple or lilac, adding blue to it will make an ideal world tone for your hair

The spring galaxy tone is absolutely astounding in light of fact that it mixes three space-enlivened varieties & also you will not need doing any makeup subsequent to getting this color on hair

Pink & purple are an evergreen combination as pink signifies femininity & purple represents energy. The blend of these two colors will leave you in awe and look more attractive

Candied Galaxy color looks seems to be candy color design & It is fun side of galaxy hair pattern. The hair variety advances from dim to lighter from roots to tips

Need to add more tones to your hair then go for a rainbow galaxy that is a blend of various shades including green, blue, purple, pink & more, that's why It is called a rainbow galaxy

Beachy Galaxy has influxes of varieties radiating from the center of the hair & streaming down to the roots. The variety is lighter at the top however becomes more obscure toward the end