Best Exercises For Expansive Chest

10 Best Exercises For Expansive Chest And Lifted Breasts

Chest exercises can give an extra lift to your bust and you can do these exercises with little training. Also, you can choose between a free hand and a dumbbell exercise. In the beginning, you can start with little weight in your hands. Also, you can keep your movements slow to avoid injuries.

Here’re the 10 best exercises that can help expand your chest and lift your breasts

  1. Incline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbbell Press

You need an inclined exercise bench and a set of dumbbells for this exercise. It will target your chest muscles and help improve the breasts.

How To:

• Lie on your back on the inclined bench and push your shoulders back
• Grab dumbbells on both of your hands and bring them close to your chest making a “V” with your elbows
• Push the dumbbells towards the ceiling until your hands are fully stretched and then come back
• Do 3 sets of 12 reps each with a 10-second break between each set

  1. Barbell Bench Press

This exercise has an advantage in that is it can be performed in neutral, incline, and decline positions.

Barbell Bench Press

How To:

• Lie on your back with your abs tight and feet shoulder-width apart and firm on the floor
• Grab a barbell and bring it close to your chest to start
• Take a deep breath and push the barbell towards the ceiling until your hands are fully stretched
• Hold the barbell for a few seconds and do 3 sets of 10 reps each with a 10-second break between each … Find more


Princess Letizia Of Spain Shares Her Beauty, Makeup, And Fitness Secrets

Queen Letizia is a perfect modern avatar of royal beauty & makeup. This Spanish beauty even leaves Hollywood divas far behind in fashion, fitness, and modernity. She’s 48 and a mother of 2 but she looks much younger than she is.

Here’re 10 beauty, makeup, and fitness secrets of Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia Makeup & Beauty

  1. Golden Locks
Queen Letizia Golden Lock

This Spanish princess dazzles the world with her long brunette hair. And she likes variety in hairstyles. She wears different hairstyles and keeps changing her haircuts to suit her dresses. For example, she loves straight and open haircut most but she’s often seen in curly hair at some evening parties.

  1. Black and White

While the princess has a colorful wardrobe with dresses of different colors for different occasions, she uses black and white more than often. It seems that B/W are her signature colors. She loves brands as well. The princess had her wedding gown woven with silk. It features high collars and laces. But she is usually spotted in knee-length black or white bodycon dresses.

  1. Footwear

Princess Letizia has an amazing collection of footwear to match her pretty dresses. Her love for heels is well-known and her collection includes pumps, ballerinas, and stilettos. Depending on the dress, she chooses a plain or sequined heel. She wants everything from tip to toe to be perfect and perfection is achieved only when you pay heed to your needs.

  1. Experimenting For Style
Queen Letizia Style

The princess is always excited about experimenting with new ideas like showing up in a blush long gown at a … Find more

Home Into A Yoga Studio

Turn Your Home Into A Yoga Studio With Following Tips And Tricks

Yoga is the best exercise because it requires little space, training, and accessories. You can join a gym for yoga training and practice the exercises at home. Or you can simply learn yoga online from YouTube videos and do exercises at home.

How to turn your home into a health studio?

For yoga, you need peace of mind and it is something you can hardly get at home. But the good thing is that there are many ways to turn a nook or corner of your home into a yoga center. You need a yoga mat and some props that can be made from your home furnishings. And once the settings are made, you can start doing yoga at home.

Find space for yoga….

Yoga requires little space that is about the size of your mat. You remain confined to your yoga mat through the exercises. Take your mat to every nook and corner of your home to check where it fits decently.

But setting your yoga mat in a nook or corner of your home is the half-job done as you need to make a commitment to yourself. Forget everything that lies outside your yoga mat at least for the duration of the yoga exercises.

Doing yoga with earbuds….

Things that distract your mind enter your brain from your ears. As soon as you hear a sound like a phone ringing, dog barking, or a family member yelling, you get distracted. But the same sound could be used to focus your energy on yoga.

Take advantage of the power … Find more

Weight Loss Tips For Teenagers

13 Simple Ways For Teenagers To Lose Weight

World Health Organization (WHO) warns that 1 in 10 adolescents is either obese or suffering from the weight. It is so because teenagers prefer fried foods and sodas to greens. But little do they know that teenage obesity could lead to diabetes, hypertension, and depression at an early age. Also, it could affect the quality of adult life.

Adolescents need to lose weight and there are 13 easy ways for teenagers to lose weight

  1. Avoid soda

Soda isn’t a healthy drink as it contains sugar that can increase your sugar level to more than the permissible limit that is 25 grams. You should take homemade lemonade, ice tea, berry juices, and watermelon whenever you want to drink a beverage.

  1. Trash the junk food

Say no to junk food as they contain trans fats, saturated fats, salt, and sugar. Also, they can add many calories to your body. When hungry, you should much on baked chips, baby carrots, cucumber, nuts, or plain popcorns. For your sweet tooth, you should rely on fruits instead of sweets.

  1. Increase your fiber and protein intake

Dietary fiber is necessary for good gut bacteria that improves digestion and protein prevents loss of lean mass during weight loss. And together dietary fiber and protein improve satiety to remove hunger pangs. Dietary fiber is found in fruits and vegetables like apples, orange, spinach, and carrot. For proteins, you can take eggs, fish, tofu, and mushrooms.

  1. Eat good fats

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for overall health. Similarly, oryzanol found in rice bran oil is good as it lowers … Find more

Biggest Nutrition Myths

17 Biggest Nutrition Myths Busted

Nutrition and health are the topics that are widely discussed on blogs and social media. And everyone has something important to say about health and nutrition. But it is found that people spread more misinformation than knowledge. So here we will discuss 17 biggest food myths.

For example, take calorie in and calorie out formula, which is said to be quite helpful in weight loss. But the reality is just the opposite.

Let’s bust the 17 biggest food myths about health & nutrition with the help of science

Myth 1: ‘Calories in, calories out’ is all that matters when it comes to weight loss

Calories In & Calories Out

While reducing your calorie intake could help in weight loss but relying solely on calorie in and calorie out formula won’t help as there are more important factors to consider. For example, genetics, hormonal imbalances, medicines, and conditions like hypothyroidism could also lead to weight gain. Also, a low-calorie diet could include nutrient-poor food leading to nutritional deficiency in the long run.

Myth 2: High fat foods are unhealthy

Dietary fat is essential food as it lowers the risk of increased insulin resistance and triglyceride levels that could lead to heart problems. Also, high-fat diets have proved to be more effective in weight control than low-fat foods.

Myth 3: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

It could be true for growing kids and teens with increased nutrient needs but it isn’t helpful for adults that could lead a healthy life by skipping breakfast. Missing breakfast is a … Find more

Yoga Asanas Good For Your Back And Spine

5 Yoga Asanas Good For Your Back And Spine

If you work on a computer and have to sit for a long time then you could face back problem. But never worry as you can relax your back by doing the following yoga asanas. The good thing is that these asanas can be practiced while sitting on a chair.

  1. Majariasana

It is a cat and cow pose you can make while sitting on a chair. Inhale and arch your back by taking your hands back. It will open your chest and lift the chin. Exhale and round the back while drawing the chin towards the chest. Also, bring your hands to the front.

  1. Matsyasana

It is a seated fish post that you can make by taking your hands overhead. Stretch your hands while making an arch. Hold the pose for a couple of seconds before relaxing.

  1. Prasarita Padottanasana

Stand at a safe distance from your chair. Widen your feet more than the shoulder length. Bend forward and place your elbows on the chair. Now join your palms over your head and stretch your neck. Also, move your torso from one side to the other. Do it a couple of times and come back to the first position.

  1. Uttanasana

Sit on the chair with your feet apart and stretch your hands overhead. Now bring the hands down and upper half towards the thighs. Let your chest rest on your thighs while you stretch your hands to ankles and head further downwards. Stop for a few seconds and then come back.

  1. Bharadvaja twist

Rest your hands on your thighs while sitting … Find more


A Detox Drink To Beat Summer Heat

Summer has arrived and there’s little time left to change your diet and fitness routine. Stay hydrated to beat the heat and the best way is to drink plenty of water or consume fruits that have more water content. For example, take cucumber that is full of nutrition and easy to digest as well.

Detox your body in the summer months

Another way to stay healthy in summer time is to cleanse your body of unwanted toxic material. It is body cleansing and it boosts energy level and mental strength. Also, the detox drink will restore digestion or agni and recalibrate your body on all tissue levels.

Make a detox drink at home

While detox won’t help in achieving your weight loss goals, but it can help in maintaining good health during the summer months. And you can easily make a detox drink at home.


• Water – 1 liter
• Cayenne pepper – one pinch
• Ginger root – half-inch
• Rock salt – 2 tsp
• Jaggery/maple syrup – 2 tsp
• Lemon juice – 1 tsp


Take a large pan to mix all the ingredients except the lemon syrup that is added at the end. Heat the pan on gas to boiling level for 20 minutes then allow it to cool. It will take a few minutes in cooling down. Add lemon syrup to the drink and gallop the drink. It is better to drink it in a lukewarm state. This detox drink works great and it is suitable for people of all ages and … Find more

Malaika Arora's Recent Athleisure Looks

Did You Check Malaika Arora’s Recent Athleisure Looks?

Malaika Arora looks stylish in her new sporty avatar. In Malaika Arora’s recent athleisure looks she has put on a decent Reebok sports bra and paired this outfit with gym shots. And it seems that she’s just come out between her workout sessions for this photo-shoot. She’s her hair tied in a bun and she’s wearing a pair of white Reebok sliders. Also, she’s her mobile and energy drink.

She took to Instagram to share a video with Malaika Arora’s recent athleisure looks & where she is seen working out in a gym and dancing to a popular song on the gym floor. Her Instagram followers find this video very encouraging. They are praising her stylish athleisure look.

Malaika Arora knows how to refresh her athleisure looks.

In the next pic, she’s seen wearing a simple tank top in a very stylish way. She’s tied a knot to the side of the top to give an added edge. Also, she’s paired her top with a pair of Reebok black track pants.

Malaika Arora's Recent Athleisure Looks

Malaika Arora seems giving fitness tips in this turquoise blue athleisure look. And this picture is like a breath of fresh air for her millions of fans that keep following her activities on Instagram.

Malaika Arora knows that summer has arrived and it is time to get ready to brave the hot season. But she’s different plans to stay cool this summer. In this pic, she’s showing her latest bright pop of neon pink sneakers and comfy tie-dye sweatshirt for summer fashion.

Find more

Parineeti Chopra Good Hair Care

What Beauty And Wellness Tips You Can Get From Parineeti Chopra’s Instagram Pics?

Parineeti Chopra Instagram pics reveals her beauty tips & different side of her personality. She loves colors and likes playing with them. Her Instagram pics are a proof of her out-of-the-box thinking about beauty and fitness.

Let’s check Parineeti Chopra beauty and wellness tips for her Instagram followers

Parineeti Chopra beauty & workout tips to get inside-out glow on your face….

Parineeti prefers treadmill, swimming and Kalaripayatty instead of joining a gym. Her objective to stay active to create a balance and experiment with new forms to get motivation for exercising. But you can go to gym to stay active.

Find the self-care technique that works for you….

Parineeti isn’t a spa lover but she likes getting hot-shower for de-stressing. A warm shower has therapeutic effect on skin. Skin cells release endorphins while responding to hot water treatment. You should choose the treatment that works for you.

Parineeti Chopra Good Hair Care

Make good hair care your routine….

Parineeti’s Instagram pics reveal how much she loves coloring her hair but it requires proper care otherwise the colors can damage your hair. But Parineeti keeps knows how to keep her hair soft and nourished. She washes her hair often and uses heat-protectants to smooth her hair cuticle down.

Learn to ace the cat-eye….

Parineeti Chopra leans makeup techniques especially of eyes from experts. She works with her beautician to know how could she improve her eyes. You can also start with making a rough outline around your eyes and then fill the outline up to lashes. For winged finish, you need flicking the outline gently … Find more

Face Yoga Exercises

Get A Facelift With These 5 Face Yoga Exercises

Yoga is an exercise but face yoga is a name used to denote exercises that are yoga for your face. Doing these exercises could give the amazing results that you even can’t get with facial treatments.

There are five different of face yoga exercises that can help improve your facial features without requiring expensive cosmetic treatments. Also, you can practice these exercises at home.

  1. Cheek lifter

Make “O” with your mouth and slowly lift your upper lip over your teeth and lift cheek muscles up by smiling. Also, hold the muscles by placing your index fingers on top of your cheek. Release the muscles and repeat the exercise for a couple of times.

  1. Happy Cheeks Sculpting

Smile without showing your teeth and from the corners of your mouth until you feel slight burn in the corners. Also, lift the corner muscles with your index finger towards the cheekbones. Hold for 20 seconds and then release the muscles to repeat the exercise.

  1. The eyebrow lifter

Force your eyes open by pressing three fingers under each eyebrow and smile while lowering your eyebrows on your fingers. Hold for a couple of seconds and then roll your eyeballs upward while keeping your eyes closed. Again, hold for 20 seconds and keep smiling.

  1. Jaw and neck firmer

Open your mouth like you do while producing “aah” sound and stretch your lower jaw while folding the lower lip up to corners in your mouth. Now close your mouth slowly but at the same time pull your neck to the backward position. Also, you need keeping … Find more