Why Should You Be Conscious About pH Value Of Your Skin?

A healthy skin is acidic. On pH scale, its value is 5.5. It is good for you skin as it builds natural defense of skin against environmental factors that trigger aging. It develops friendly bacteria and checks growth of bad bacteria. Also, it minimizes loss of moisture.

Is your skin sensitive?

You can check your skin condition like sensitive and dry by paying a close attention to its reaction to cosmetics and other external factors.

• A sensitive skin reacts quickly to soaps, detergents, perfumes and everything that the skin comes into contact with. There would be dryness, rashes, itching, or redness on the skin. And exposure to sun and wind could worsen the condition.

• A dry skin could be sensitive as well and this combination could trigger breakouts or cracks on skin.

• Sensitive skin often develops bumpy rashes or produces dry flakes, if anything like a cream is left on the skin.

• People with sensitive skin often develop breakouts similar to … Find more