Secret Of Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson stunned the world with her perfectly toned body in Avengers where she put on a black cat suit. While she looked superb in that outfit, people know that Scarlett Johansson followed a strict diet and exercise regimen throughout the week.

Here’r Scarlett Johansson Diet And Exercise secrets…

Her day starts with 15-minute warmup on treadmill after which she performs different exercises on different days.

Scarlett Johansson Diet and Exercise Secrets


After warmup, she goes for jogging for 20 minutes before starting her exercises. Starting with 20 speed lunges, she does reverse lunges, jump squats, machine ball slams and lat pulldown with resistance band all ten times.


The focus is on 4 squat exercises, bicep curls and shoulder press. Also, she does dumbbell chest press with swiss ball alternating, weighted walking lunge with glue squeeze and band rows using cable rows.


This day is reserved for diagonal walks with mini bands 10 sets per side and butterfly steps 50-10 times each direction. She also does squats with lifted heel 15 reps each side, reverse lunge with dumbbell press, side to side speed skaters and t-push-ups.


After regular dumbbell, biceps, pushups and pull-up exercises, she moves to stomach crunches and alternating bicycle crunches both 50 times. She also does plank with knee thrust, reverse crunches and core stabilizing hip twists.


From Friday to Saturday, she does circuits for 3-4 sets

She focuses on speed lunges and reverse lunges alternating each … Find more